Clockwise from top left:

Linwood Sakura    Harlequin Makrana (other colours also available including some very nice grey ones) ♥ Bari Ikat (also has various other colours available including a gorgeous blue version) ♥ Fornasetti Fruit Proibito  Londinium  NLXL Brooklyn Tins ♥ Honolulu Palm Green ♥ Beware The Moon Ostrich Wallpaper 


Scandi Chic: minimal, calming and a pared down palette. Beautiful. However, give me a decadent, rowdy, loud statement wall and I am putty in your hands.

Fornasetti – the “monkey” wallpaper

My favourite has to be Fornasetti, whose designs I adore. Intricate, bold, off-kilter, whimsical – monkeys perching on cocoa leaves, hot air balloons, puffer fish (Acquario – I LOVE this one but where to put it?) Cheap? Not the cheapest. Worth it absolutely. It will be on your wall for a decade. At least.

When we moved in I decided I’d have what I refer to as the “monkey wallpaper” in our bedroom. I like it so much that now we’ve decorated bedroom I spent a good afternoon trying to reason having it in two rooms. Mildly ridiculous especially when there are no many fab choices out there. Instead, we plumped for the “budgie wallpaper” -it’s classed as “smoked-blue” but when you have it up on the wall the pink prevails (much to the slight annoyance of my boyfriend).

Linwood Sakura – the “budgie” wallpaper

My other favourite is Londinium which is so fun and looks great in a small or a large space. It is also amazing value for money at £17 a roll. I see something new each time I look at it.



I’d love to hear your recommendations.