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Left to right: Conran Pinero Tripod Floor Lamp Marks and Spencer ♥ Regency Table Lamp The Range  Copper Round Pendant by Tom Dixon (available in various sizes) ♥ Gable Chandelier Pendant Made (in Chrome)  Copper Effect and Glass Table Lamp George Home  Antwerp Copper Pendant Habitat  Ciara O’Neill Vault Pendant JohnLewis  Ebb & Flow Striped Rowan Pendant, Copper John Lewis  Champagne Nell Ceiling Light BHS ♥ Aurora Feather Pendant Shade Graham and Green

Do not underestimate the difference lighting makes to a room; ceiling lights, under cabinet lighting, lamps, lights on different circuits, lights on dimmers…

My boyfriend’s sister recently bought two beautiful table lamps which I admired one day in her house. They were glass with a linen-look neutral shade. They look so expensive, far more so than, it turns out, their £29 price tag. The Range, I salute you! They are absolutely gorgeous. Another turn up for the books (I think BHS can be classed as a lighting stalwart now), which stocks some very lovely pieces is George At Home. It’s another port of call that I would never of thought to have looked at until one day I stumbled across one of their lamps in a magazine.

Switching (sorry for the pun) to the other end of the spectrum (sorry again), Tom Dixon’s lights are simply stunning. I’d happily have his pendants dotted all around our home. Unfortunately, their price tags are pretty hefty but, if you are looking to invest, you can get 10% off by signing up to his website.

Another (more purse friendly) light shade that I love, just as much as I love is Graham & Green’s feather light shade. It quirky, fun and I like it just as much now as I did three years ago (and that, i



I have lights (above) where, instead of buying the whole light, we bought the component parts; the flex, fitting, bulb and shade. This way we could customise our lights so they looked exactly how we wanted them to look. It takes a little time to source each component but you will end up with an original design, tailored exactly to your taste and usually it works out cheaper too.

If you are renovating a room or building  new one and have, or intend to have a baby, think about getting your bathroom lights on a dimmer. This way if you need to take your baby in there to change them in the middle of the night neither you nor the baby are dazzled by super bright lights.

imageThis fleur de lis light shade when we bought it from eBay was, for me, a bit of a punt. It’s far more intricate than anything I’d tend to usually go for. Also, I wasn’t sure of the colour. It actually sat in a box for two years, however, now up it gives off the most beautiful soft, dappled light. Keep an open mind (and check eBay out).

Clean a feather light shade or similar my using your hair dyer in a low, cool setting.