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There are few places in the world I think I’ve ever been as well fed and watered than Cape Town. I am writing this now in a state that my grandma would call FTB. Fit To Burst. Fit To Burst; full of fine wine, meat and fish. Cor, my seams are stretching. In fact, I think I hear the twanging of a few stitches going right now. Oh dear. Thank goodness for the empire line dress.

Inadvertently, but happily, weboll were staying in the business district only a short hop from Bree Street. Bree means broad and I have the distinct feeling that that’s very much what I’ll be after two weeks in this fantastic country (Bree Street was the only street broad enough to turn an oxen pulled cart). It’s a cross I’m willing to bear though as there are just so many great options to choose from:


This Peruvian restaurant at 114 Bree Street is one of the trendiest haunts in Cape Town. Brick walls, exposed filament bulbs, wooden benches and metal accessories render it phenomenally contemporary. The menu is small but perfectly formed and exquisitely presented. Do yourself a favour and visit.

I can whole heartedley recommend the Charango house ceviche, pulled pork tacos, prawn tostados, burnt corn with paprika and parmesan, BBQ pork belly with pineapple and chilli and Churrasco steak. You can also opt for the mushroom ceviche if you’re vegetarian. I also had my eye on the black kob (langostines with quinoa and soy butter). You can check out the rest of the menu here.


Easy Tiger Burger Bar

An in ‘n’ out type of burger place two doors down from Charanga. Gets rave reviews. There are seven burgers to choose from. Try the Rockstar burger or a Big Cheese. There’s also cheesy chips.


Culture Club Cheese

Say what? Sold already to the lady with the slightly pink shoulders (wear your sunscreen peeps. As you’ll be reminded daily in SA, they have a very unforgiving sun). Culture Club Cheese means Camembert mac n’ cheese, wild boar bangers with cheese pumpkin mash, raclette. All scream cheese coma and I can think of few places better to be. They also have a shop and if you are getting married in Cape Town they can provide a cheese cake. Mmm. Cheese.

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La Parada

Live Spanish music. Lively atmosphere. Solid tapas menu. The homemade chorizo is tangy, firey hot and sublime. The prawns wrapped in bacon and served with almonds are similarly divine as is the sirloin on ciabatta. The patatas  bravas, piementos and croquettes are your standard fare. Pick wine over a cocktail.


Honest Chocolate Cafe

Chocolatier out front. Gin bar out back. I think we can agree no more needs to be said. On Wale Street.


Motherland Coffee

Apparently the best in South Africa. I don’t think they’re too far off. The iced latte is refreshing on a hot day. You can find them next Motherland Coffee next to St George’s Mall.



Bocca (Italian), Savoy Cabbage (modern with champagne bar) and the rather ominous sounding Orphanage cocktail bar.


Coming next time, the V&A Waterfront…and how to spend three days in Cape Town.

Also, if you have any foodie tips I’d love to hear them especially for Camps Bay.