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As a surprise, whilst we were in Stellenbosch, I booked a… wait for it…. sunset vineyard segway tour!

It’s not my usual cup of tea I grant you, and I was a little apprehensive at first but, hey, why not? And, I kid you not, it was amazing!

Spier is a sprawling wine estate and it is absolutely beautifully situated; a perfect combination for a segway tour.

Spier Wine Estate

Completely by chance we were the only two on the tour – a private tour!


We had a 20 minute introduction so we could get to grips to the segway which included a mini obstacle course to get us used to the uneven terrain. Our guide said it would feel like second nature after ten minutes and he was right, after a couple of little wobbles initially, it was fine.

We rumbled off and, after 10 minutes of a maximum speed of 10km/hour, being overtaken by some walkers in places, we were put into cheetah mode; 20km/hour, and pedestrians could not be seen for dust!

Some of the many, many vines before the  stunning mountains



We glided through the vineyards for over an hour and a half in the warm afternoon sun. The scenery is captivating with its dominant mountains, lush vines and valleys. We stopped off to taste some of the grapes. They weren’t like the ones  in the supermarket – nowhere near as large or sweet but bearing in mind their final outcome I didn’t mind!

As the tour came to an end the sun then began to set on a wonderful afternoon.


In hindsight, it could only have been surpassed if we had gone earlier in the day and had one of Spier’s picnics on the lawn. However, there would have been no accompanying wine as, you can guess, wine and segways do not mix. Or, at least, they do not mix well. One idea, if you wanted to take advantage of their wine tasting (and in wine country, why wouldn’t you?) would have been to do a segway tour earlier in the day and then taken advantage of the wine tasting. Win(e) win(e).

If you’re visiting, or if you find a segway tour anywhere else, and looking for something a bit different to do this is the day out for you!