When I was younger I used to make the same (pretty vague, subjective) New Year’s Resolution; to end the year in a better position than I started it. This was easy to monitor as I had specific, tangible objectives: get the grades I needed for university, get a degree, get a training contract with a law firm, finish law school, qualify as a lawyer, save some money, visit two new countries and so on. As I’ve got older this has largely become redundant as the markers, being largely education related, only really applied to me at a certain age  (and I haven’t been at university for almost 10 years now).

In 2015 I tried a different tack. I gave up reading the Daily Mail Online’s Sidebar of Shame, possibly the single most effective way I found in recouping vast amounts of time. This year I gave up watching repeats of Friends. To my surprise I’ve maintained an impeccable record for both to date (I was somewhat of an addict but have probably managed it because I’ve watched so many episodes of Friends over the years that I could narrate full episodes to myself should I wish).

Also, thinking back to when I was younger there was a period where I enjoyed New Year, dare I say it, even more than Christmas and I LOVE Christmas. I also love the feeling of fresh starts that the New Year brings with it. Out with the old! Out with the bad habits! In with the new! I loved the return to school too and the start of a new school year with new exercise books, new stationery but concede I must have been in a very small minority!

So what to do I now, in April, when I’ve missed the New Year boat?

Mini monthly Resolutions!

To start me off I’m dedicating April, the start of Spring, to decluttering staring with my home.

I’m a firm believer that clear surroundings equate to a clear mind and living in amongst clothes strewn here, there and everywhere, stuffed cupboards, general build up of broken, unused or unwanted items and an excess of miscellany can only increase unease and agitation. With this in mind my main action points for April will be:

1. To Marie Kondo my house (I’m pretty sure sure it’s a verb?)
2. Put things away/hang them up immediately
3. Unsubscribe from unwanted emails
4. To use what I have

Wish me luck!

I’d love to hear from you about your own happiness projects

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