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Years ago now I bought, for the princely sum of £3, a canvas striped beach bag from Primark. It lasted me for years, went through the wash time and again, I used it to go to the beach, as a gym bag, when I moved house the innumerable times I moved house in the first four years of being in London (a considered guess gets the tally to nine times). I do not usually shop in Primark (chiefly because my nearest one is Marble Arch and I can’t bear the crowds) but as purchases go it was a good one. Only after 8 years had it fulfilled its purpose and it was thanked, as Marie Kondo instructed me, and discarded.

Earlier this week, by chance, I stumbled across its replacement or, should I say, replacements. I’d been scrolling through  the fab Instagram feed of @fabmums when I saw an amazing summer clutch from H&M (below) in just the style I had been looking for. Naughtily (but I soon got over it) I hot footed it to the H&M website but to no avail. However, I did come across this fab beach bag:




Fabmum’s Instagram Pic

It’s nautical theme (tick), roomy (tick), sturdy (tick) and it’s zipped (double tick). It’s also £24.99. I know I’m going to get years of wear out of it. I similarly have to admit that I haven’t been a great one for H&M but they have got some fab stuff in at the moment including some lovely crochet T-Shirts and tassel earrings perfect for a summer holiday.

I really don’t think a lot of money should be spent on a beach bag. They are invariably made of an inexpensive canvas so there isn’t really a justification for a disproportionate price tag. Also, they are going to be battered about and continually put on the floor, have wet clothes put in them and generally lumped around.

Then just when I thought I had it sorted – I was thrown a curve ball through A Mother’s Edit; a combination of beach bag and the elusive H&M clutch.



Naughty me – I couldn’t resist and I’ve told myself this is more of a (er) weekend bag….

I’ve also found these two lovely bags which I am resisting (just) from Buji Baja at ASOS reduced in the sale from £55 to £28 (a great saving and I love the rope detail) and Mango (which also does some fab and fun jute clutches). But just because I’m resisting does t mean you have to! Do let me know if you’ve found any others.


  1. Rebecca Baladi says

    Oooh thanks, I could do with one for watergate bay (optimistic I know but perhaps to store the waterproofs if nothing else!) so I may have to invest in the Biji Baja one…I love a nautical beach bag and a bargain too!xx


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