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Lusting  After

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This top from J Crew after spotting it at The Frugality‘s event last week in Chelsea. Why I did not buy it I do not know but it’s a bit thin on the ground online now and my best bet is in store.

Listening To

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 Ben Clark’s cover of Robyn’s Dancing On My Own. Practically on repeat. It makes me yearn for the Dawson’s Creek era.

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Then I found this cover by Calum Scott from Britain’s Got Talent too (and maybe I’m a little late in the day here) which blew me away.

Speaking of being blown away… my brother’s girlfriend, Arlissa, who is super talented and has the most beautiful voice, is providing the guest vocal for Tough Love’s latest track, Touch. It is AMAZING – listen to it as soon as possible!

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Scrummy pecan brownies from the Mae Deli which happily is a stone’s throw from my office.

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Image via and you can just about make out the brownies in the centre

The Mae Bowls (a mix of four salads) are delicious and nutritious and are served by the most lovely staff. Be prepared for a bit of a queue at peak times and if you can find a free table you are doing better than most (it can only be a reflection of what a fab place it is). Unfortunately the pecan brownie recipe is not available (none of the recipes for the deli items are) but you can give these sweet potato brownies a whirl in your own kitchen.

Thinking About

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(image viaPeter Macdiarmid/Getty Images as is the main image)

Going underground. If you are looking to do something slightly unusual in London over the coming months you can take a tour with The London Travel Museum of London’s disused train stations including Churchill’s secret station, Down Street. It looks phenomenally interesting but I’ve been put off rather a lot by the hefty price tag (a whopping £75 for a 90 minute tour). For something more affordable, but still Churchill based, I really recommend the War Rooms, Churchill’s underground base during WWII.

Planning to


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Goodenough College, London House Quadrangle (image © Copyright David Hawgood)

Get some garden inspiration. Now that we have finished building works to our house, I am focussing my attention to the boggy, unkept area that is the garden. I’ll be heading to some of the dozens of private gardens that unlock their gates to the public during the Open Squares Garden Weekend on the weekend of 18-19 June. Your ticket will get you into all the gardens (although for some you do need to pre-book your place on a tour) and these include traditional squares, gardens, skips and barges!

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King Henry’s Walk Garden N1 (image via
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Garden Barge Square (image via



Marathon running. With the London Marathon coming up this weekend you might be inspired to put on your running shoes or even sign up for a marathon. I’d been saying for about four years that I was going to run one and finally did last year after it became  bit embarrassing that I hadn’t and there was, in fact, no time like the present. The Berlin Marathon was hard, hard, hard work but one of the best experiences of my life. You can read my post on tips for choosing, training and running a marathon here.  I’d recommend it to everyone! If you’re looking for kit I’ve had the same Nike Element Dri-Fit top for six years. It has worn and washes especially well and looks as good now as it did years ago despite all the rain, sweat and wind it has been subjected to!


My month of decluttering and keeping Marie Kondo close at hand. There is talk of hiring  a skip to clear the loft and shed – next level! But whilst it’s rainy and I’m going to focus on really finishing off everything in the house. Especially as soon it will be May and I will be moving to a different focus.You can read how I am getting along here.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on things to do, places to go and ideas for upcoming events.

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