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Saturday was one of the happiest days of my life.

For years I have aspired to have three things in my life that I’ve always, for some unknown reason, felt (rather irrationally, with no grounding whatsoever, and knowing full well that it is not the material things inline that count) will complete my life.

The three seem a little disjointed perhaps and I’m not entirely sure where they came from but I’ve always had a strong pull towards owning:

♥ a coat stand;
♥ a piano; and
♥ a dog

A bit bizarre I know.

M bought me a coat stand for the first birthday I celebrated with him. It’s divine. A little bit Mary Poppins. I

I’m yet to own a piano although I would love to play (this is probably of great relief to the neighbours as I am sure my skills will be somewhat below par!).

And, on Saturday, we picked up our little dog, Gruffy.

With his namesake

Inevitably, my word theme for this money is PUPPY.

I absolutely love him. He’s a little bundle of fluff and joy.

Even in such a short space of time I’ve seen his confidence grow. He loves playing with slightly grotesque dog toys – he has a thing for rubber pigs (hopefully completely not sinister).image

So that’s this month’s theme and it’s already keeping me very busy.

You can follow his adventures on Instagram here.

Have a great weekend everyone! x