With work being very busy for the last few weeks, not to mention the arrival of a new puppy, I have been unable to post as much on my blog (which in fact has only drummed into me how much I enjoy writing it). I’ve also felt a little at sixes and sevens because of so many early starts, late nights and an ever increasing to-do list. I have been unable to see the wood for the trees or, should I say, the bigger picture for the jam-packed days.

Two nights ago, during the first time that I found for myself for a good while and whilst feeling a tad discombobulated, I opened a birthday present. I should say that the present was in fact a book and I did not wait nearly a fortnight from my birthday to open it! My restraint lasted mere moments (of course it does when something arrives in the post!), never mind weeks.

It’s probably more accurate to describe the book as a journal.

I have been keeping a journal for 15 years (how quickly that time has flown) when a good friend bought me a beautiful burgundy leather, gold embossed tome (again for my birthday) à la Bridget Jones.

I don’t write in it every day, or sometimes I don’t even write in it for a months but now an then or when the feeling takes me, I will crack it open and pour all the thoughts (serious, happy, sad, funny, absurd and emotional) into its blank pages.

Now, I have a new one to fill and, this time, it’s one with a twist. A list twist.The 52 Lists Project is a journal which attributes a different list to each week of the year, and then is broken down into seasons.


As 21 June is the first day of summer I have started at Week 26  which is the week proceeded that.

Week 26’s  list is entitled:


A BIG question. I merrily started filling it out; eat more like Deliciously Ella, travel more, exercise more, be 3″ taller, tidy the house, clearer skin. It went on for a good page and a half.

Then quite unexpectedly and subtely my focus shifted. Gone was the premise of what my life is lacking. No longer was it what would I change right now? It was I would never change my family, M, my friends. I wouldn’t change my home, all the opportunities that I have had. And, instead of feeling sad and frustrated at what I didn’t have, I became very grateful for those things I did have.

And, the things I wanted to change if I could? Well, there was an action point of giving yourself a goal this week of one small thing you can change, from changing your bedding to re-organising your wardrobe. I’m focussing on eating better and if you follow me on Instagram you can see some of the delicious Deliciously Ella recipes I have been cooking up. I feel better already.

I can’t wait to see what future weeks’ lists bring. I’m trying to stop myself ready too many so as not to thinking about them too much in advance and has too many spoilers, but others include; list all the people who brighten your day, list the ways you get energised and list the things you should ignore. The brilliant effect of the lists is that they challenge you to think in different ways and I just know how much I am going to full them out.

Have a great weekend everyone x

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