The Ultimate Staycation: Watergate Bay

A few years ago a very good friend said to me “You should go to Watergate Bay, you’d love it there.” Since then I’ve visited every year – it is safe to say, she was right.

I’ve always been a fan of a staycation. I didn’t holiday abroad until I went on French Exchange in my mid-teens. Instead, our holidays were exploring the UK; largely the quaint, picturesque Cotswolds and rugged, rural Northumberland. We never did quite venture as far south as Cornwall, I think the furthest we got was to Glastonbury. The Tor, not the festival, sadly, that one is still on the bucket list. I’m so glad I have now ventured to Cornwall because it’s a dream.

image c/o Pinterest

There is nothing not to love about the hotel and the surrounding area. The only downside is the drive but that’s nothing that can’t be cured with a good playlist and a couple of strong cups of coffee. Once you’re past that, it is divine.

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The hotel is relaxed and friendly. The decor is gorgeous; plush and nautical and floor to ceiling windows give the most amazing views over the bay.


image via Pinterest
image via Pinterest

We always go for the Taste of the Bay deal in the run up to Christmas. I have absolutely no qualms about the fact that our visit is in the “off” season. To my mind, the bracing hikes and (touch wood) crisp, clear days are equally as wonderful as sun-drenched, balmy days. I like wrapping up against the elements and only passing a handful of people on our daily hikes along the coastal path. It definitely works up an appetite which is a good job given just how much food there is!

In short, Taste of the Bay is an all inclusive deal of three nights accommodation, (a three or five course) dinner at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, a three course dinner at Zacry’s and two course lunch at The Beach Hut.

The breakfasts are super tasty – sizzling Kernow sausages, thick slices of bacon, fluffy waffles, door stop slabs of hot toast drenched in Cornish butter – and are also included. I promise you, you will be stuffed. Very nicely stuffed and set up for a day of hiking.


We’ve now got a few well-trodden routes that we do which I’d suggest:

screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-13-40-37The first is walking from the hotel itself along the coast in an easterly direction, past the Bedruthan Steps to Constantine Bay. You’ll need to get the bus back. make sure you take enough cash, it’s about £7 per person(!).


screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-13-42-37The second is a circular route, parking in Harlyn Bay then walking in a westerly direction along the coast around the Trevise Headland, past Booby’s Bay (still raises a smile) and cutting back inland to Harlyn when you arrive at Constantine Bay.

screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-13-30-52The third is another circular route parking at Trevose and following the coastal path to the east walking around to Padstow (going via Rick Stein’s for fish and chips) past Stepper Point.

Stepper Point

I love it so much that when it came to deciding my wedding venue, I knew at once that there is nowhere I’d rather be.

So 2017 is now my year of wedding planning. Roll on the Watergate Bay winter wedding!