Turning 34 – Still (The) Ordinary

In the run up to my birthday (34 yesterday!) I had the sinking dual realisation that (i) I have still have spots and (ii) I now have wrinkles to accompany them (argh!).

My skincare routine is, at best, intermittent and with my wedding at the end of the year I know I haven’t got a lot of time to sort it out and there are no miracle cures for this sort of thing (if there are, please let me know!) .

As I am really trying to refine and streamline everything I have, the bathroom cabinet is going to be one of my main focusses this year for having fewer, better quality, hard working products (as an aside I am going to use up everything else as I just can’t bring myself to waste them by throwing them out but when they’re gone, they’re gone!


A few people had mentioned The Ordinary to me, so I did some research.

It took quite a while to figure out which products to use and in what order and when… but I have settled on the above for my morning routine and the below for my evening routine.


As the products are mainly about £5-£7 each, I have splashed out on the ASOS site to try quite a few as I reason that they amount to the price of one “good” cream. The main favourites that I have read about are the Hyaluronic Acid and the Advanced Retinoid 2%.

A week in and so far so good. Not a drastic change (which is to be expected) but my skin is definitely a little clearer. In any event, I think it’s just nice to spend a little more time on me and self-care and small changes lead up to big results.

With that in mind, this year I am going to blog and write more. I really enjoyed doing it when I started just over a year ago but I really fell off the wagon as a lot of other stuff got in the way. But I reason that the best time to make a change is now so, fingers crossed, prepare to see some more posts.

I’d love to hear what you’ve thought of any The Ordinary products you’ve tried.

Katie x