If there’s one thing I love, it’s a makeover. I love the before and after, the transformation, the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis – a wave of a magic wand (or 11 months living in a building site in my case) and you’re there!

Until you realise there’s something else to do! And something else!

If travelling can be equated to living a big life, big experiences, big journeys, big scenery then I have to admit I find just as much happiness in the minutiae. A good potter is often the order of the day. I like having things in order, everything in its place. Outer order to me is inner calm.

The house I live in is a 1950s house. It has almost zero original features. There are a couple of original built in cupboards but no ceiling roses or cornices, original wooden floors or ornate fireplaces. It is fair to say it lacks “character”. However, that has meant that it really was a blank canvas to be worked on. Indeed when we bought teach room was painted white bar one very read kitchen. It took a year of living on a building site to extend it and do it up. Even though, we lived in two rooms for most of that time, had no kitchen and everything was covered in a hundred layers of dust, I absolutely loved the process and would do it again tomorrow.

Building a home and being at home both make me so happy.